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Richard in February told Khobragade she wanted to quit and return to India because she felt “mistreated,” says the indictment that does not name Richard.

Roberts – early UFO researcher and member of “The New York Circle” 32: 81, 87p Axe Lady (Avenel) 10: 14 Axe-wielding maniac at Mc Curdy Lane haunted house (Jackson) 31: 39; 32: 21-22 Backwards Lady (Barrington) 20: 41 Backwards Walking Man: Cranford 28: 71; Fanwood 29: 42; South Orange 29: 42 Banana-wielding bandit 6: 8 Barefoot Man (Mount Tabor) 25: 74; 30: 79 Be-boppin’ Waver – “Cult of the Wavers” (Rahway) 23: 79 Bee Lane protest suicides – Craig Badiali and Joan Fox (Chew’s Landing) 21: 55; 22: 56-57d; 26: 16 Beer Can Billy (West Orange) 28: 12 Bela Lugosi – House on Norman Place (Tenafly) 26: 20 Bert Brier and “The Brier Affair” (Piscataway) 16: 30p-32p Bertha Bottle Basher (Rahway) 26: 47 Bette Cooper – N. Index The easiest way to quickly and accurately locate information in this index is to use the Find/Search function supported by your browser to help guide your search. The page numbering given for Issues #1 through #5 is modeled after the format of later issues (i.e., the cover is counted as page 1).Entries in this index conform to the general pattern: Subject/Topic/Personal or Place Name (Geographic Location) Issue# : Pages Special issues are designated by the following acronyms: LE = Last Exit; LH =Local Heroes, Villains and Artists of Weird N. Multiple index entries are separated by a semi-colon (;). General LH: 4-5, 21, 39, 51, 55, 65, 79, 86, 97, 104 Abraham Clark — New Jersey signer of the Declaration of Independence 32: 47d “Absolutely Terrific” bus driver (Newark) 29: 70 Adidas Man (Avenel/Woodbridge) 24: 77 Adolph Heuer, builder of time travel car and witness to many strange phenomena (Warren County) 18: 38p-40p Airplane Sissies 33: 6p Albert P.Trivolis admitted to police that he knew the people in the files were underage when he was arrested, according to court papers.He was arrested on Wednesday and suspended for 30 days without pay while his criminal proceedings move forward, an FDNY spokesman previously told DNAinfo New York.

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