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CONTENTS: Scientists Speak about Radiocarbon Dating This material is excerpted from the book, DATING OF TIME IN EVOLUTION. Lee, "Radiocarbon: Ages in Error," in Creation Research Society Quarterly, September 1982, pp. But only the scientific community is told that fact.

An asterisk ( * ) by a name indicates that person is not known to be a creationist. "Well authenticated dates are known only back as far as about 1600 B. "There are two basic assumptions in the radiocarbon method.

This African elephant has what are believed to be the biggest tusks among elephants at Kenya's Samburu National Reserve.

Such slaughter is the product of few protections for elephants, inadequate attempts to stop ivory trafficking and high demand for ivory in China and elsewhere, experts say."It (2012) was the worst mass slaughter since international ivory trade was banned in 1989.

Of over 4,000 quotations in the books this Encyclopedia is based on, only 164 statements are by creationists. One is that the carbon 14 concentration in the carbon dioxide cycle is constant.

You will have a better understanding of the following statements by scientists if you will also read the web page, . The other is that the cosmic ray flux has been essentially constant—at least on a scale of centuries."—*J. Kulp, "The Carbon 14 Method of Age Determination," in Scientific Monthly, November 1952, p. "Hair from the Chekurovka mammoth that was found in the Lena River delta region of Russia has a radiocarbon age of 26,000 [years] while the radiocarbon age of peat only eighteen inches above the carcass is 5,610.

The overwhelming majority of ivory seized in recent years came from elephants that were killed by poachers less than three years prior to the attempted sale, according to new research published recently in the peer-reviewed journal , and his colleagues, radiocarbon dating found that approximately 90% of the more than 230 elephant ivory specimens seized as part of 14 different operations from 2002 through 2014 came from animals that had died less than three years before the ivory was confiscated.

“This indicates that the assumption of recent elephant death for mortality estimates of African elephants is correct: Very little “old” ivory is included in large ivory shipments from Africa,” the authors wrote.

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