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In 1909, Remington introduced the Model 12 pump-action .22 rifle, which used an internal hammer that allowed the receiver to be very streamlined and well sealed against the entry of moisture and debris.In 1915, Marlin introduced a similar hammerless .22 rifle, the Model 32. While sales of the Model 18 remained steady, some began to comment that Winchester’s pump guns looked a bit “old fashioned.” In an attempt to attract new customers during the dismal days of the Depression, Winchester’s marketing department decided that the company needed a “modern” hammerless, .22 pump rifle in the catalog.The resulting Model 61 Hammerless Rifle was released on the market in 1932.The Model 61 utilizes a streamlined receiver with the ejection port on the right side.

Hand-fitted machined steel internal parts, black walnut stocks and cross bolt safety all helped give the firearm a leg up on the competition.

When you say Winchester shotguns, most people think of the Model 97 Trench gun, the Model 1200, or the elegant double barrel Model 21.

But what if we told you there was a gun marketed for almost a century that was more advanced than the 97, better made than the 1200, and sold many times as much as the 21. In the late 1890s, John Browning had perfected a pump action shotgun for Winchester, the Model 1897 that proved to be one of the best scattergun designs in history.

It was an instant success and set the standard for all .22 repeaters that have followed.

The Model 1890 was followed by the equally successful Models 1906 and 62, each of which were based upon the 1890 rifle, and production of the Model 62 continued until 1958.

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