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The longer people live, the longer their epigenome is influenced by the environment, and consequently the larger our prediction error will become.” But already police agencies in Belgium have expressed interest in using it on specific cases – including cold cases, Bekaert said.“The application will be used immediately in our lab.A third raid took place in the city of Leuven, where police officers searched the office of the Adriaenssens committee, an independent body set up by the Church to collect and investigate abuse allegations.Over 450 files detailing abuse allegations were confiscated.

But my research shows that it doesn’t always come to that,” says Elisabeth Timmermans.We’ve been in contact with several police departments in Belgium and they were eager to try it out on several cases,” he said.“And indeed this new assay could help make a better phenotype profile from a suspect or a victim, e.g., in combination with the facial morphology assay from our colleagues at KU Leuven – or any other phenotype prediction tests, for that matter.” The study has caused a stir internationally.He has published six books and over 50 scholarly articles, and presented numerous papers at national and international conferences. Salzman's essay, "'Rape Camps,' Forced Impregnation, and Ethnic Cleansing: Religious, Cultural, and Ethical Responses to Rape Victims in the Former Yugoslavia," was honored by the United Nations and various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in New York in 2001.He is married to Katy Salzman, and they have identical twin boys (Ian and Aaron) and a daughter (Emily).

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