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‘Why is everyone asking about children coming into my house?

’ Deakin asked, bare-chested and soaked in sweat, his glasses foggy and his wrists bound in a zip tie.

It’s not yet known exactly how many children fell victim to paedophile David Timothy Deakin’s international webcam sex tourism.

But in photos released by the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), disturbing details of his depraved life can be seen strewn about his filthy house.

S., Canada, Europe and Australia pay overseas facilitators to sexually abuse children, even babies.

(May 9) The arrest of David Timothy Deakin in the Philippines has revealed one of the darkest corners of the Internet, where pedophiles in the U.

The Philippines is struggling to deal with a new phenomenon called cyberpaedophilia or webcam child sex tourism.

For as little as - online predators pay Filipino children to perform sex acts over the Internet.

How can the Philippines stop the online prostitution of its children?

“She ready to give you a good show as promised,” the woman typed.

The woman told the girl to follow Salazar’s instructions.

A live webcam feed on the computer screen showed the faces of three white men glaring out.

, a slang term for a Filipina sex worker living in Japan, she had persuaded a resident to introduce her to the children, who played daily in the gravel streets.

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