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Is your walk with Christ stable, consistent, and solid; like a fruitful tree planted by a stream of water?&url= Believers once lived in the passions of their flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind.&url= Jesus taught that there is a time element involved with the believer’s spiritual growth. Yet the believer is able to look back over time and detect growth.&url= Nathan speaks on the under-appreciated value of spiritual stability.We must also find daily bread from Him; that we partake of Him that He brings that daily beauty and sweetness into our lives.Description: God wanted to see what was in the heart of Hezekiah.Be able to say, “Lord, You are enough; and if I have You, though You strip everything else away, I am satisfied.” &url= The providence of God has to do with the fact that God is looking out and taking thought for everything ahead of time. &url= The Passover points to the redemption that is found in Jesus Christ.

Apparently the church building, more specifically the sign directly outside my This message was the first of a series built around the gifts of the Magi.

NOTE: Because I sometimes use Greek words in my notes you may want to download and add this font to yours so that they are readable in the original language - however, I have also transliterated the words as well in English. They will be posted with a link as they are developed and put online.

but are listed here to let you know the names for the entire series of sermons.

Once posted you can click on the link for that sermon. Dennis Marquardt are offered here as a ministry to anyone.

You may feel free to use this material in your personal ministry to bless others; but if you do, would you please let me know that you are using them. Linda Mintle also has a web page, She is a Christian author and a licensed therapist.

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