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So what options do we have for AV then in Exchange 2013?There are two options The first one might be an option for organizations who can live with the limited functionality.Update: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Pro Liant PRO Management Pack for VMM 2008 (SNMP) Hewlett Packard Enterprise Pro Liant Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) Management Pack for Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM) with HPE Insight Management Agents (SNMP).This management pack works with PRO feature by providing health monitoring of Pro Liant servers with Hyper-V virtual machine host.

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This management pack contains definitions for various HPE Server Groups and Health might need a new Exchange agent, check with your software reseller. Before you do anything, it’s time for a common sense check, make sure your existing Exchange 2007 Organisation is happy and running cleanly, and has good communication with the domain and DNS.Get in the event logs and make sure it’s a happy server. Make sure your Exchange 2007 server(s) is/are up to “Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2” (In fact get the latest Exchange update roll up after that as well to be on the safe side).it’s not 2003 R2 or 2008) then make sure you have x32 bit Windows media with you (Note: 20 R1 only, as 2008 R2 is all x64 bit). You domain and forest functional levels need to be (at least) Windows Server 2003, before you start the migration. Make sure any third party anti virus and/or mail scanning software is supported and will work on Exchange 2010, and you have the media and licences handy. You will need to install on a x64 bit server, make sure you have a server capable, and Windows x64 bit media with licences. Before you even think about going further make sure you have a good backup!If you are lucky enough to have VMware ESX, Hyper-V or another virtualisation platform, consider doing a P2V conversion on your Exchange 2007 server then simply turning the 2007 Server off, then if it all goes to hell in a hand cart simply turn the original server back on again. While your thinking about backups – does your backup software support Exchange 2010?

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