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Items with one star are very common, items with 5Introduced in 1899; Possibly the most popular lantern of all time. The later version has the name & patents stamped into the top crown.

The Sport replaced the Scout around 1923, and made until 1947 on revised tooling that eliminated some of the soldering required on the Scout.

American Made Items Oil Lanterns Oil Lamps Electric Lamps & Lanterns Lamp & Lantern Replacement Parts Replacement Wick Replacement Glass Lantern Accessories Brackets & Hangers Electric Adapters Books, CDs, and Collectables Featured Items Special Order Lamp Oil Fundraising Items Catalog/Info Request Gift Ideas/Certificates I Robert Edwin Dietz first began selling whale oil and camphene lamps and lanterns in 1840 at the age of 22.

Robert and his brother Michael patented the first practical flat wick burner especially designed for the then new fuel oil, kerosene, in 1859. Dietz Company manufactured hundreds of lantern models, and pioneered the automotive lighting industry.

Standard Lamp Oil, (such as Lamplight Farms Medallion Lamp Oil,) has a 142 Degree flash point, and is also an acceptable lamp or lantern fuel, being within 10% of the design standard.

Paint Thinner, (Mineral Spirits,) on the other hand, has a flash point of under 110 Degrees, and is a complex petroleum distillate that at best may produce (including odorless,) fumes that are not something that you would want to breathe near, and at worst has the potential for creating a runaway flame or worse.

At approximately 11" in height, the "hi-top" was as tall as most tall globe lanterns but it had a smaller burning chamber to accommodate the weaker flame of the fuel then coming into favor -- kerosene.

After World War One, Dietz redesigned the Vesta to make it smaller and more competitive with newly-introduced short-globe lanterns, and this shorter "lo-top" version is the one that is most familiar to collectors.

Firefly Safe and Green Lamp Oil (CAS #85566-26-3) Flash Point: 183 Degrees Fahrenheit (This particular fuel is specially formulated to operate in wick lamps and lanterns at a higher flashpoint.) est (read "Flash Point,") kerosene, which is a "straight run" petroleum distillate made for such use.Let me explain further: In addition to conveying fuel, the wick also conducts heat from the flame into the tank.As the fuel level drops, the oil temperature rises and expands, regardless of the oil you are using.The yellow on the top of the chimney tells me it may have never been lit before. It is not streamlined (confusing) because Dietz had to reuse the tooling from the lanterns of pre 1936 due to the wearing out of streamlined tooling.The LA lantern below has lost all of its paint and has obviously been used a lot over the years. The Dietz Monarch is probably the most common type of lantern, at least the hot blast lanterns. I believe all of these lanerns will have Hong Kong stamped under the tank.

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