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It required testing to get it properly working, it didn't work if you just did put it there between the two walls, it was about units away from the wall where you look at which would make it work. Then when you are tired of searching, just search some more!!!

Also, I noticed my Google Play movies wouldn't stream with Pepper... Although that's probably more of a DRM issue than a Pepper plugin/Chrome one.

It still doesn't stream well but at least it works so I'm not having to reboot into Windows whenever I want to watch a movie on my desktop that I paid for.

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However, as a consequence of this flexibility, JPEG 2000 requires encoders/decoders that are complex and computationally demanding.While there is a modest increase in compression performance of JPEG 2000 compared to JPEG, the main advantage offered by JPEG 2000 is the significant flexibility of the codestream.The codestream obtained after compression of an image with JPEG 2000 is scalable in nature, meaning that it can be decoded in a number of ways; for instance, by truncating the codestream at any point, one may obtain a representation of the image at a lower resolution, or signal-to-noise ratio – see scalable compression.【HD】 The same video software quality is the most delicate, most lossless compression, give you unique ultra clear visual experience!【share community】 - provides the community to share, QQ space, QQ friends, Micro message, micro-blog Tencent micro-blog, Sina, Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, share more convenient!

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