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Dane Cook, an American Stand-up Comedian and a film actor, have all that it takes for making a girl adore him.With his pictures of him carrying his toned up physique, he has been grabbing a lot of steamy attention.They were even spotted returning from the same Hollywood bar.But was that just a coincidence or something was cooking between them?Kree Harrison had the biggest impact on the original, as sales of Carrie Underwood's See You Again more than tripled. nk's Just Give Me a Reason, the song Amber Holcomb covered, was week's top-selling track with 255,000 downloads, though that number marks just a 1% increase from the previous week.David Cook debuted his new Laying Me Low on Thursday's results show. Sales data on several Idol-related singles and tracks follows: Idol albums Fantasia, Side Effects of You (36,000, -60%, 127,000) (#4 Billboard 200)Jessica Sanchez, Me, You & the Music 14,000, debut, 14,000) (#26 BB200)Carrie Underwood, Blown Away (8,000, 6%, 1.429 million) (#49 BB200Phillip Phillips, The World From the Side of the Moon (8,000, -2%, 861,000) (#50 BB200)Kelly Clarkson, Greatest Hits-Chapter 1 (8,000, -6%, 406,000) (#52 BB200)Colton Dixon, A Messenger (2,000, -31%, 97,000)Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts (2,000, 21%, 7.318 million)Carrie Underwood, Play On (1,000, 29%, 2.2 million)Idol-related albums Various, Now That's What I Call Music!

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There were also reports that during the time he was dating Brinkley, whom he married in 1996, Cook was allegedly carrying on a relationship with then 19-year-old, Samantha Cole.

, Cook's country pedigree and her Dolly Parton-inspired twang have remained two of her most striking musical characteristics.

But what the Opry, and Cook's more ardent "country" listeners will think of Album Number Five, the magnificently entertaining responds to tough life lessons with dark humor.

Even so, the lighter moments are tempered with harsh observations of her new reality, which includes the collapse of her marriage to musician Tim Carroll, the diagnosis of a chemical imbalance in her brain, and the residual effects of a fire at her family's homestead — along with the 2012 death of her father and the loss of other close family members (her mother, a singer from West Virginia, died in 2008).

There were seismic shifts on the business front, too, as she cut ties with her manager and agent.

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