On line netlog dating sites

Netlog customers said they used the side to maintain the friendships AND to connect with new people (to date). Com, aims to be the biggest soon….since they realy aims at customer satisfaction (something different from only connection people). Com applies the fremium model, which offers a free service for everybody and lets you pay for extras.Since Facebook strategy is connect friends, Netlog wanted to connect daters and was born to serve this unserved audience. Com reaches 6 millions visitors monthly, which is already 2/3 of the number 1 worldwide Match. With a clear focus and good strategy I believe they can make this happen.it seems to be more of a networking of prostitutes and their johns. Here is who wanted to be my friend: Even I’m not so simple that I didn’t catch on to the scam pretty quick.Within 4 seconds of creating an account, I had my very first Friend Request. But, unfortunately, I accepted about 3 Friend Requests from some working girls within the first minute, which inadvertently linked me up to the obvious Hookers-R-Us Club, and ever since then, I’ve been getting some offers.The site was founded and launched in 1999 under the name ASL.TO in Ghent, Belgium, by Lorenz Bogaert and Toon Coppens.In 2002 the name of the website was changed into Redbox, a website targeted to the Belgian youth.

I would have worn something different had I really been trying to set up a sex business on Netlog.

Netlog is the best way to meet new people for chatting, flirting, and dating.

Connect with compatible people nearby or across the globe who share your hobbies, passions, and goals.

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They had a dream….building the largest social network in the world…they didn’t cound on Mark Zuckerberg to have the same idea, so Netlog (Belgian social network) founders had a bit of a downturn the last years when Facebook concurred the world of social networks and Netlog didn’t…. Find a new and better product to concur the world, and so was founded, and is on his way to concur the world, maybe not in social media but in dating, although they call it “social discovery).

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