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Adam dressed the same as we’re used to seeing him recently (and 3 decades ago), a pop Napoleon with his chunky bicorn hat and gold brocade military jacket festooned with tightly wrapped waist sashes. The current lineup features guitarist Tom Edwards, of Fields of the Nephilim and Edwyn Collins fame, who has added a reliable professionalism to the sound since he joined the touring band in 2011, Joe on bass, and on the two drum kits for that distinctively pounding tribal beat, Andy Woodward and Jola, who resembled a sequined Cinderella when Adam prompted her to stand up for applause at one point. Only around this time did it become public knowledge that Goddard had a history of mental illness.At 21, shortly before his rise to fame, he had attempted suicide and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which has both driven and overshadowed his entire career.

Adam played a rapidly paced, career spanning greatest hits package, from the raw, snarling “Plastic Surgery” with its doom-laden bass note intro, to the sensitive adult pop of 1995’s “Wonderful”, and the latest addition to the live set, the slinky groove of upcoming album track “Vince Taylor”.

Here he comes now, walking into the room, eyes to the ground.

He can't be shy, can he, the king of the wild frontier?

Adam Ant swans into his Kensington mews apartment an hour late, wearing motorbike leathers, a cigarette between his teeth.

After numerous tribulations, he’s to make a dramatic comeback to music next month, with his first full tour in more than 15 years.

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